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imagefile3Dr. Richard G. Arno and his wife, Dr. Phyllis J. Arno, are the Founders of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling. Dr. Richard Arno served as the Director of Counseling for the Christian Broadcasting Network’s 700 Club for seven years. Dr. Phyllis Arno was a legal secretary for over 20 years. Dr. Richard Arno focused on developing a biblically-based counseling model for Christians that is over 94% successful. Dr. Phyllis Arno focused on the research and development of the Arno Profile System (A.P.S.) reports. Together they have written numerous counselor training texts including their signature piece, Creation Therapy.

The Arnos teach accountability for each individual’s actions and help their readers/students understand who God created them to be. Their primary goal is to provide their readers/students with the ability to understand the mysteries of God’s wonderful creation of the human race.

They teach how His wonderful plan, for us as individuals, works and how it helps every person to be happy and fulfilled during this life. Their teachings aid in one’s ability to develop and maintain relationships with one another, especially with the Lord Jesus Christ.