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Posted on Oct 03 2014

I am so thankful that the Lord is using A Touch of Grace and The Missing Link in such a mighty way. Many are receiving Jesus as their Lord & Savior and many are being healed. People’s faith is increasing and maturing. It is all for His glory!

Posted on Jun 08 2010

The song, Amazing Grace.” Wow!  Twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved. Never thought about it before, but man! That is rich! The Lord, by His grace,  caused me to fear Him–an Almighty, all powerful God, and then, by His grace, gave me the peace of salvation in order to relieve that very fear.  What a wonderful Lord we serve!

Cleansing Our Past!

Posted on May 07 2010

One of the stories in my book: “A Touch of Grace,” explains how the Holy Spirit “follows” us all the days of our lives and how He cleanses our past and makes everything work for good. The story title is: Snow on the Hill. I pray it blesses you!

Divine Healing

Posted on Apr 25 2010

When I was 30 years old and serving as a United Methodist Minister, I contracted a rare brain disease and the doctors at Duke University Medical Center told my family that I couldn’t survive, especially without severe brain damage. However, the Lord was not finished with me. The doctors said: “you were healed by an act of Divine Power.” I recorded the entire incident in my book: “A Touch of Grace.” To God be the glory!


Posted on Mar 04 2010

Do you have a friend who you would like to see saved? Give them a copy of “A Touch of Grace!” That will open the doors for the Holy Spirit! God is good!

Indexes I A Touch of Grace

Posted on Jan 24 2010

A Touch of Grace has 3 Indexes: Title names of about 100 short stories, Topic (such as Knowledge, Tithing, Depression, etc.) & Scriptural. Great for speakers & devotions!

Life Changing!

Posted on Nov 20 2009

Want to bless someone and make their lifer richer? Make their Christmas present count for something eternal rather than just temporal! Consider “A Touch of Grace” and “The Missing Link.” These books are life changing!

Christmas Gift Idea!

Posted on Nov 05 2009

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Christian this Christmas (or for a birthday or similar occasion), you should consider A Touch Of Grace! It is a book of encouragement that really exalts the Lord Jesus Christ!

Grace, Mercy & Forgiveness!

Posted on Oct 14 2009

Grace, mercy & forgiveness! That is what “A Touch of Grace” is all about. It is a book of “ministry” and helps the reader heal from any wounds they might have, whether self-inflicted or caused by another. Need healed? Know someone who needs healed? My youngust son, Jaysen, a college professor, just said to me: “Pops, do you know the difference between forgiveness and mercy”?  I said: “What is the difference son?” He replied: “forgiveness is letting it go. Mercy is never mentioning it!” Amen to that!!!! God not only forgives us of ALL of our sin, He will NEVER mention it to us again!

A Great Gift Idea

Posted on Sep 11 2009

If you are searching for a wonderful gift to give to a minister or, for that matter, any Christian, then you really need to consider the life changing book titled: A Touch Of Grace!” It is fantastic!