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Revealing Spiritual Genetics

» Created In God’s Image

Who did God create you to be? This biblically-based human behavior Course will answer your deepest questions!

created-in-gods-cover-jpg-smallerThis is a “course of study” that provides the student with a Special Personal Profile which professionally identifies their temperament in three behavior areas: social/intellectual, decision making, and affection. The student may also qualify to receive a Certificate of Completion.

God has revealed the secrets of spiritual genetics to the authors of this course and it is explained to the student in this very blessed and anointed course in biblically based human behavior.

Now, you can finally learn who God created you to be and how to gain victory over areas of your life that have always plagued and controlled you.

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» Creation Therapy

Has the Lord “called” you into the Ministry of Counseling? This is the training that you need!

creation-therapy-cover-smallestAre you “called” by the Lord to counsel and minister to the needs of the hurting? Do you want to learn a biblically-based counseling model that is over 90% successful? Creation Therapy is your answer!

This is a course of study in Christian counseling that provides a transcript for three-semester hours of college level credit transferable to accredited Christian seminaries, colleges and universities.

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